The Truth About Scent Of Attraction Is About To Be Revealed

The Truth About Scent Of Attraction Is About To Be Revealed

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OUR SENSE OF SMELL can discern much more than we realize. Unlike our other senses, olfaction reaches the emotional part of the brain faster.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are biologically existing molecules that are released by a multicellular organism to trigger a certain behavior in other members of its species, particularly females. Use of pheromones is widespread in insects to attract potential mates. Behaviors like signaling the location of food and warning others of incoming dangers is seen as the utilization of this natural gift. Detection of pheromones is so sensitive that a single molecule is more than enough to trigger a response.

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The power of smell may lie in its very primitiveness, its role in helping us survive while the higher parts of our brains take care of less-mundane business.

Primitive Nature of Smell

The power of smell has been helping humans survive since the inception of human existence.
It is proven by scientists that olfaction reaches the brain faster than any other signal. This information is also taught in science textbooks. When humans lived in wild, the sense of smell was the most primitive senses to have evolved for the safety. The early organisms which existed at that time depended on olfaction to make decisions related to approach-avoidance. In a nutshell, they depended on finding mates and food by using it as a primary source of information.


“Each individual produces an aura of volatile stuff ,” says Beauchamp, “which reflects a large array of information about his or her nature: species, sex, age, and perhaps other things, such as emotions or health.”


Pheromones in Humans

There is no good evidence provided by scientists that pheromones play a vital role in acting as an indicator of sexual suitability or attraction. However, scent does act more like a subtle sexual indicator for humans.  The claim has neither been proven nor denied by fraternity of scientists.  Scent communication does play an important role in human sexuality. Bodily odors may not stir potential mates into having immediate sex but it is indicated by studies that smells might paint the perceptions to a certain extent where choice of mate is affected. Certain traits like body type, facial structure and dominance are also affected by sense of smell.

Smell evolved as an important filter for deselecting a mate in human females.  The key intention was to protect them from unwanted attention which was nothing but danger to primal people. It is important for women as the smell helps them in choosing best mate to have their children with as was the case in the early stages of humanity.

The evolutionary instinct did not perhaps perish as many women reported in respective studies that they also took men’s body odor into consideration whether it was casual dating or serious one.
Noticeable body odor arises from the bacteria feasting on your skin. Every human being has a unique pattern of smell which is not picked by everyone.  The unique odor print is what the nose picks up of those people who wish to form a bond with you.



“It seems to be driven by the emotional aspects of the processing,” he says. “Men try to suppress this, but women focus on it.”


We Fall in Love at First “Smell.”

Our sense of smell is capable of revealing much more than we care to realize. Have you ever thought of the reason men find some women sexier because “the sweet smell” emanating from their bodies. Why do some women cannot resist the smell of an already worn t-shirt? Smell is not something which can be described as an adequate definition of pheromones but the connection cannot be denied. There is no smoke without fire.

Pheromones can be described as a type of scent-bearing chemical drenched in sweat and other bodily fluids which form a particular smell which everyone bears in their unique pattern. Pheromones are known to be involved in sexual attraction in animals, and that they may also play a role for people. In biological context, make scent does hold a lot of importance and luring is colored by male scents. A type of pheromone called a “releaser” consists of androstenone, androstadienone and androstenol which might have an important role in sexual attraction.


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SMELL, LUNDSTROM TELLS ME, is the most intimate sense. Every time we smell something, solid particles pass down our throats.

What is a “Good” Smell?

We will never be able to define what a “good” smell is; what smells good to someone might smell horrible to other. However, one fact is universal that less intense odors are often rated as smelling better. No one likes to be flooded by a perfume or deodorant in a way that it leaves them gasping for breath. Some people have tendency to cover their body in artificial scent However, don’t go so far as to mask your natural scent completely. It will be a huge turn off as they won’t be able to ward off that strong smell which enters their nose and throat too much. A majority of population prefers mild body scent which is not masked by deodorants or perfumes.

Our armpits have scent-producing organs that are dense with hormone receptors. Whatever we eat or drink passes through bloodstream and gets mixed with hormones to produce little chemical reactions. The bacteria on our skin and in our hair roots eat these chemicals and give off odors which are by-products. So, a change in chemicals could lead to a change in the odors bacteria gives off. Vegetarians, non-vegetarians, alcohol consumers and drug users have particular smell which wraps their body.

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How to Smell Desirable?

A person might not take immediate notice of a likable body odor but it is noticed, although subconsciously:

  1. “Unscent” yourself: It is not advisable to walk in a cloud of artificial scent all the time. Use unscented soaps occasionally and let your skin breath. Bacteria would interact with pheromones and help your skin in getting natural smell with full glory.
  2. Exercise: Odoriferous apocrine glands, which are present in your armpits and pubic region, are pheromone-producing factories. Exercising lets your skin breath by opening its pores which gives ample space to pheromones to interact with bacteria.
  3. Take your time off pills: Women who take pills are poor at detecting scents. It is shown in studies that pill alters women’s taste where she is unable to make impartial judgments when it comes to choosing men.
  4. Play safe: Prefer natural scents if you want to use one. Woody scents like sandalwood is the safest way when it comes to making an interaction successful. You definitely don’t want other person to run away because of inability to breath in the cloud of artificial scent which surrounds you.

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