How to Dress Up to Increase Your Sex Appeal

How to Dress Up to Increase Your Sex Appeal

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Okay gentlemen, have you ever given to thought that why women are not attracted to you despite your charm, intelligence and big paycheck? Why is it that you don’t attract a flock of girls? There could be several reasons to it. We might as well try to break the mystery behind attraction.

Dress to Impress

Mankind has always relied on non-verbal communication until language was invented. The lack of language was sufficed by frequency and quality of sign language. How females chose their partners when there were no huge cars, fancy dinners and travel destinations at that time? The choice of females depended on how strong a visual cue was. One of the most important things for men was to attract the attention of females which they could do only by experimenting with their looks. You can’t blame a man when he is paying too much attention to his body or clothes as it has been ingrained in his psyche by evolution. Darwin once said, “Survival of the fittest”. It holds even more importance in modern world. Either be the best or get ignored forever which is equivalent to dying.


Fashion is a blessing for mankind since its inception. Humans have never been satisfied with constant things because they cannot tolerate boredom. The forever thirsty nature prompts them to invent something different over the course of time. Different trends keep on coming with respect to change of preferences by people. You are bound to be left behind which would mean evolutionary insult and demise.

Clothes, fashion, dressing sense is something which have long been associated with the taste of women. It is not fake assumption. Studies have been conducted on how dressing is a key factor in impressing other gender. It is not the only factor which counts; the power of dressing has been counted as a success factor in professional fields as well. Just imagine that you are a very talented and valuable employee of your organization but you have not yet been noticed for promotions or handed over some key projects. That would hurt for sure! Then there is another employee who possesses half of your abilities but often attracts attention. What is it that he has and you don’t have? Everything else counts too but dressing is not something to be ignored. Ignore it if you really want to commit social suicide and annihilate your reputation.

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It is the time men start paying attention to the way they dress. Carrying an intelligent brain over a shabbily dressed physique is not going to impress anyone, leave aside the women who are waiting for that special person. Wise choice in clothing might land you in the arms of a beautiful woman.
Every man carries a special dressing sense with which he identifies. No one carries the same dressing style which is modified as per his tastes and situations. There is a big reason that some trends are favored over others. It is important to be yourself but it is even more important to dress in such a way which compliments your taste as well as helps you in achieving broad spectrum of goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you turn heads wherever you go?

We will tell you why every man must pay attention to his dressing:

5 Ways to Boost Your Sex Appeal

1. It enhances sex appeal: Fashion sense is something which is unique to every person. The way a man chooses to dress him reflects confidence in his abilities. It indicates that he is not afraid of showing his inner self. Nothing could be sexier than a man who believes in himself.

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2. It makes men PRESENTABLE: Fashion has been created for every possible occasion. Hence, the occasions must be kept in mind while choosing attire. The wideness of choosing appropriate outfit counts in “presentable” factor. It signifies a man’s keen eye for observation which is an extremely important part of attracting and retaining social communication.

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3. Increases confidence: Fashion provides a man to experiment with his outfits, giving him ample opportunities of finding right look for every event. Nothing is more inspiring than finding the right look and nailing it. A well dressed man is a confident man. Confidence is sexy when it oozes through outfit.


4. Attraction: Women are attracted to men who know what suits them. Like women, men also have body types. Hence, it is important to know what suits which body type to make the most out of an outfit. Men who successfully choose an appropriate outfit every time are the ones who have their minds set on specific things. Such are the men who are not distracted by small diversions. When women meet such men, they know dating would be fun.

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5. Gentlemanly class: Well-dressed and well-behaved men are the ones who attract every woman. Whether men believe it or not but ladies are watching everyone’s dressing sense. A man who knows how to carry fashion is the one who has the charm. Money and success are not the sole factors in attracting a mate; dressing sense combined with money and success form a deadly combination which no woman would be able to resist.

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Of course, the beauty of a character cannot be compared by material things like clothes. However, when clothes have something to add to personality and opening doors of success, we don’t see why it should be taken for granted. Just think of the opportunities which will be complimented by being well dressed. Greater sex appeal and higher workplace wages are sure to be advantaged features.


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