How To Please Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

How To Please Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

We know how depressing it is when you look at your little buddy and feel that it is inadequate to help you live a happy routine every day. No man in his complete senses is ever going to admit his lack of potential in pleasing his partner. Lack of knowledge is still acceptable, but having a small penis is something which is sufficient to crush any man’s self-esteem.

How Long Does A Penis Have?

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Although having a larger penis helps to provide more stimulation, you do not need to be a certain length to make a woman orgasm… even a 4 inch penis can do it, with the right “rub”…. Thinking you need to have a certain penis size to satisfy a woman comes from a common misunderstanding that men have regarding the female orgasm.

Many men think you need to have a large penis, or last a very long time, to make a woman orgasm. I used to be the same. This is not true…

Men come in all shapes and sizes like other living creatures, so do women. The preference of women in terms of penile length doesn’t head in one direction.  There are women who prefer bigger penises, and then there are those who do not care about it at all.

Female physiology and penis size

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Elasticity and lubrication make vaginas very adaptable.

It is true that a woman’s vagina responds by stretching or contracting to a penis insertion, this is also an evolutionary response, a way increasing tension for the penis during the intercourse, for the consequential release of the semen and trapping of the semen inside the vagina for the most likely conception.

Since vagina is elastic, it is able to accommodate a variation of penis sizes, although sometimes it will need extra preparation, but it’s elasticity is there for a good reason because childbirth will require it to stretch immensely from the 3 inches (7.6 cm) that is the length of vagina when unaroused.

Then there are the Bartholin’s glands which provide lubrication when woman is aroused and that will help members along, the whole vagina is a highly adapted organ for it’s diverse purposes of conceiving a child and serving as a birth canal.

Vagina has a very unique ecosystem and has a very delicate micro flora, so it is important to treat it as such, applying appropriate hygienic standards by washing things that go inside of it and also treating it respectfully and gently in order not to cause any ruptures and cuts.

Most of the nerve endings that provide pleasurable sensations during sexual intercourse are located closer to the entrance of a woman’s vagina. This is partly thought to be necessary to make childbirth much less painful.

Most women can only feel the first few centimetres of a penis closest to the opening of the vagina during the intercourse for physiological reasons. Regardless of how much you stretch the vagina, the amount of nerve endings will stay the same, for this reason alone the size of penis may not be important for a vagina that wraps around it. However, the ability to reach more of the nerve endings through specific positions or width alone may play a part in female sexual satisfaction.

Female orgasm and different types of sex

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Only about a third of women can experience the orgasm through vaginal penetration alone and only 25% of women are able to achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation regularly.

During an orgasm both male and female experience a series of contractions of pelvic muscles and sometimes the entire body, this is intensely pleasurable, but 15% of women are believed to be unable to experience orgasm whether through physiological or psychological reasons (or perhaps due to a lack of skill/effort of the other party) although it is also believed that genetics are to blame.

In fact, some studies suggest that up to 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and referring back to the topic of penis size, penis is not really involved in clitoral stimulation.

Therefore it is safe to suggest that for up to 80% of the women any size of penis can provide great pleasure, the key comes from not the penis but the entire sex including direct clitoral stimulation by using fingers, lips, tongue and sex toys.

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If a woman enjoys having her cervix stimulated during sexual intercourse, then size can matter, or length to be more precise. For most women, it is going to take good five or six inches in length to reach the cervix when a woman is sexually aroused. But it is unlikely to lead to an orgasm.

Studies have recently shown that if there is a characteristic that matters its the width or the girth, which allows more traction and therefore increasing pleasurable sensation, but good news everyone, as women are able to contract their vaginas for themselves and even after giving childbirth, certain exercises could make the vagina tight for any penis. It is called vumbuilding and it is a technique of developing vaginal muscles. As to girth, the strength of the erection would also be a factor, it would be less preferable to be having a sex with a male with a large soft penis than a smaller hard one. So the hardness of the erection (which is often a product of combination of healthy lifestyle choices) is more important than size alone.

Women may enjoy psychologically a man with a large member, a masculine specimen, however this typically wears off as a female vagina stretches to accommodate the larger member as well, so in reality the male will be required to put more skill and practice into other things rather than relying on penetrative vaginal sex alone.

Penis size and adventurous women

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The subject of sex is extremely personal and intimate, everyone has their own preference, ranging from the position during sex to physical characteristics of the partner. Men for example may prefer larger breasts on a woman or athletic breasts, some women like muscular men, others prefer skinny men, penis size also is a physical characteristic. More important than the penis is the character and skill of a man attached to it.

According the recent studies, in terms of practical uses of penises for adventurous women, women prefer average sized penises as they allow them to engage in a variety of sex and enjoy different sex positions unlike smaller and larger penises.

There is a relatively famous quote on the internet “what’s the point of owning a Hummer Limo if you can’t park it anywhere?”

Penis size and anal sex

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It has been said that women (around 1/20) prefer anal sex to vaginal sex, for them the issue of size is important and they prefer a smaller member to a large on. Some are able to achieve orgasm through anal sex, although there are no reliable statistics on this.

There are no definite statistics for men engaging in homosexual anal sex yet the forums suggest that the case is the same with men.

Women who prefer anal sex, may want a male with a smaller penis, for the sake of their own safety and practicality. A large member may be unable to fit safely and painlessly.

Penis size and oral sex

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Many women enjoy giving their partners oral sex, or blowjobs and the wider the penis the less likely they may be able to fit it in their mouth. Besides there is always a fear of injuring the owner of the said member, so many women may not be willing to try.

According to online surveys, 40% of women get turned on by giving oral sex and about 10% feel it is gross, and another 5% think it makes them feel bad about themselves. Also, 7.5% think it would be okay if he’d wash. That’s a good suggestion, folks!

Women who enjoy performing oral sex, may want a male with an average penis, for the sake of male’s safety and practicality. A large member may be unable to fit safely and painlessly.

Women’s sexual satisfaction and penis size

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Are you sure you’re doing it right?

A man’s penis size is more of a psychological factor in sex, since physiologically size of cock is of debated importance. Psychologically, a larger penis is correlated with masculinity and therefore with a desirable mate.

A man satisfied with the size of his penis would show more confidence in himself, perhaps being able to connect both emotionally and physically. Women do like confidence but they don’t like arrogance, so the size of the penis alone, regardless of how massive it is, is not enough for a woman to be fully satisfied, not to mention the need for variety and experimentation, let alone the emotional connectedness even in casual relationships.

Also don’t forget that intellect itself is a by product of sexual selection. The mind is a powerful tool, although complex, being happy with one another, being physically and emotionally attracted is of massive importance.  It is vitally important to remember that in terms of sex, penis size is not the only thing that matters in terms of women’s sexual satisfaction.


In fact, this is relevant to men with penises of all sizes, often women complain that even larger dicked men are terrible in bed because they fail to recognise the complexity of female sexuality, the overall sense of her beauty and majesty of her body, which requires more than in and out action and it is important to recognise that skill is important and skill is entirely unrelated to the penis size.
There is a dick out there for everyone, the bottom line is, sadly, if you are the size-underprivileged male who is also lacking experience, skill and sensuality you have a task ahead of you, which is to learn.

Sex is something not just physical, it is emotional even in the cases of strictly casual sex, it is such a complex subject that the books out there will not be able to cover all aspects of it, so best advice would be to listen to your partner, learn how to make your partner feel more pleasure and to attempt to put it into practice. Putting the dick into the pussy is not even half the job, regardless of size.
If you are wondering how many inches a woman needs to be satisfied, you are thinking wrong… Technique beats size. 

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Besides, a woman’s vagina can come in all shapes and sizes… there’s no minimum penis length that would fit all.
Check out these questions I received the other day regarding penis size and the female orgasm.

How She Gets Herself Off

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In interviews and lab-based observations dating back from Alfred Kinsey’s research in the 1950s to Masters & Johnson’s research during the ’60s continuing through today’s scientific studies, only one in five women ever uses vaginal penetration to give themselves an orgasm. Most women quit using penetration after sating their curiosity about it. Yet, all women stimulate the clitoris every time.
If the clit could be safely ignored or stimulated as a mere afterthought or during foreplay, or left there on its own to catch whatever attention it can during thrusting, don’t you think more women would ignore their clits when they’re all alone and able to do whatever pleases them best?

Nope. When it comes to the female orgasm, the clit is the main event. Great lovers acknowledge that fact through their behavior and through their beliefs.

Why She Doesn’t Rely on Penetration

Several studies have shown that only one in five women orgasm from thrusting by itself regardless, again, of penis size. Approximately eight out of 10 women require direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Sometimes, this is done during penetration by rubbing her clitoris against her partner’s pubic bone or while touching herself. However, most women need direct stimulation: your licking or stroking of the clit, making sure it is well lubed, is precisely what she wants and needs.

Why? Although you only see a tiny bump, the visible portion of the clit has many nerve endings. It has just as many nerve endings in that tiny spot as in an entire penis. The penis and the clit were embryonically formed from the same stuff. No other part of the vulva or its surroundings is nearly as sensitive or responsive as the clitoris just as no other part of the male anatomy is as sensitive or responsive as the penis. So, expecting a woman to get off only from intercourse is a bit like expecting a man to come without anything directly touching his penis. It can happen for some, but not for most.

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Why don’t more women come more easily to thrusting? In a bizarre cosmic joke, it’s the position of the clit that really determines how much pleasure a woman can achieve from penetration. As with any other real estate, it’s all about the location, location, location! Any woman whose clitoris is more than an inch from the vaginal opening is unlikely to orgasm from penetration. That is most women.
This is nobody’s fault, and it does not need to be fixed. This is biological. It is something you can deal with by freeing your mind and double-clicking her mouse, wherever it is. It’s there, it’s fabulous, and it’s the key to the Queendom. That is what matters.

What You Can Do

Each clit has its own personality; so much so that I can’t tell you what the clit wants, other than wet attention, because each clitoris likes to be adored in its own unique way. Many women prefer oral sex as the most direct route to orgasm. Some will show you what they want, but won’t tell anything; you will have to watch closely and pay attention to their body language, breathing, and noises…languages of their own.

So, there’s no getting around it. You are going to have to lavish attention on the clitoris and communicate with the person you’re having sex with. This goes for both partners. Expecting orgasms but withholding information from your partner is not fair. (Aren’t real orgasms so much better than the fake ones?)

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Men who write to me aren’t selfish. They want to please their partner, and that’s a very good thing. If you want to give your partner a sexual high that is real rather than faked or missed, that will involve abandoning porn-industry notions of the immediately orgasmic woman who needs a deep dicking and nothing else. Instead, establish genuine intimacy with the real, individual woman.

So, make orgasm easy – or at least, a whole lot easier: transfer your to her clitoris, playing together to figure out precisely what she wants and needs.

The good news is that you can experience maximum pleasure with the right person, regardless of the size of your manhood.  We are sure that you will live the best time for your life every night once you try these tips:

Rear-Entry is your life saver:

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Penetrating from rear side would have its own advantages as this offers you deeper penetration. It will help you in hitting sensitive areas in the depth.

There is a reason men love a particular sex position called “doggy style

Rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her bottom up, then have her squeeze her thighs. Avoid using a lubricant if your penis less than 5 inches. It is very important that she feels the friction.

Longer Foreplay:

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The truest test of your love is when you do not directly jump into bed to penetrate her. It shows nothing but desperation. Foreplay is a set of activities which are done before the actual act of penetration. Act of kissing, touching, hugging, and erotic moments is called foreplay. It helps in spiking the arousal. It is an established fact- longer the foreplay, better the lovemaking. Ask any woman if she prefers a longer foreplay or not? She will always answer in “yes”.

Make her feel Sexy:

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Sometimes, it’s not size but the woman herself. Many women fail to achieve enough arousal because they do not feel comfortable with their bodies.

To boost her confidence, make her stand in front of a mirror and seduce her. Touch her erotically, kiss her passionately and tease her playfully. Show her that you want her. Play with her body parts and compliment on her sexiness. She will soon drop her garb of her shyness and love every touch of yours.

Try New Positions:


It could be possible that your regular position is not allowing you to make use of your manhood’s potential to the fullest. Researchers have established that 3 inches of erect penis is enough to sensitize the vagina. The most sensitive area of vagina is only three inches deep. There are several positions which target most sensitive areas of vagina irrespective of penis size.

Use Your Hands:

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Use your fingers to arouse her. You can make her go wild using fingering technique. Play with her body parts and hair, touch her sensually and whisper sexy things in ears simultaneously.  Talking and fondling make a wonderful combination, so go ahead and try it.

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