What Men Think About Their Penis Size?

What Men Think About Their Penis Size?

Men are often most curious about the size of their penis. It has been one of the causes of anxiety which is taking toll on men. Call it societal expectations or gender related expectations; it is one of the widely researched topics by men. Numerous companies often get emails from worried customers about how they are unable to please their partners and they feel worried about their self-image. This issue is not confined to one particular area, region or country; instead, this is something about which men from all over the world are concerned.


Men worry more about their penis length. For them, it’s just like their soul mate or best-friend to which they can confide their feelings. It makes them feel good. It is more sort of an emotional support system which encourages them during intimate moments. For them, it’s just like their most prized possession which is more important than money. It is no secret that men spend time in their penile hygiene than any other part of body. Women often wonder that why men are so obsessed with their sex organ. The truth is that men worry more about penis enhancement than anything else. In fact, they randomly check out and compare their “bulge” with others. Sometimes, it happens consciously as well as unconsciously. Perhaps it happens because the society has assigned certain characteristics to genders.

Men with heavy voice, well-built bodies and larger penis are seen as the “macho” or “cool” ones. Such is the effect of gender roles that women and men both follow these norms unconsciously.

Surveys suggest that average size of Indians is up to 4 inches. Most men feel that their penis is small, or smaller than average. This leaves out those men who believe that theirs is smaller than this category. There are men out there who have “micropenis”; which means that the length of their organ is between 1.5-2.5 inches. Same men would be reluctant to undress in front of their respective partners. It erodes the confidence when a man has gone through rejection because of lack of length in his penis. The pressure of maintaining their manhood is a lot for them to bear.  The situation is worse for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).  It makes them anxious, but the feeling of betrayal is unbearable when erection doesn’t happen on time.

However, there are men to whom having a small penis isn’t an impediment in having mind-blowing sex. They manage to find creative ways of pleasing their partner. Guys have confessed that women’s bodies are a mystery to them as well. They dream of making their partners moan with multiple orgasms is their primary target. They manage to wash off their insecurities when their bedtime techniques succeed in making women scream with orgasm.  Men think a lot about penis. It occupies most of their time and dominates their thoughts. We can say that men think the same way about penis like women think about breasts.

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