Why Men Should Worry About Testosterone Levels?

Why Men Should Worry About Testosterone Levels?

Why Testosterone is An Important Food for “Maleness”?



Men are no aliens to the hormone called TESTOSTERONE. After all, it is the same hormone which made them “a man”.  There are supposed to be several characteristics of the male brain type: aggression, competition, self-assertion, self-confidence and self-reliance. These factors share high correlation with adult maleness.

Determination of gender in womb

The default gender in the womb is female which often leaves people in wonder. It is hardly surprising though, given that the womb is inundated with female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. A genetically male fetus will therefore develop the female form of sexual organs; there is a reason why men have flattened breasts and nipples. Fetal testes begin to show when “maleness” is switched on by SRY gene on Y chromosome.

Why balanced testosterone levels are crucial?

Testosterone is an androgen hormone which bestows men their default adult characteristics like lower-pitched or deepened voice. It is also responsible for assisting in various bodily functions of men- the maturation of the genitals, hair, sexual urge, erectile function, confidence, ambition, fertility, development of the muscles, bones and the sperm. This hormone level often declines naturally with ageing.

What happens when testosterone levels decline?

Testosterone is crucial in giving men their particular characteristics but only when it is maintained over the course of time. Decline of testosterone leads to a condition called hypoandrogenism. This is when male testes do not produce enough testosterone.

Lack of balanced levels of testosterone impacts men physiologically as well as mentally:

•    Delayed puberty
•    Less or no facial hair
•    Flawed muscle formation
•    Diminished height
•    Enlarged breasts in men( also called man boobs)
•    Lack of interest in sex
•    Infertility ( not producing enough sperms)
•    Impaired sexuality( more feminine traits)
•    Loss of body hair
•    Lack of default aggression
•    High pitched voice
•    Low sperm count
•    Increased body fat
•    Hot flashes
•    Osteoporosis
•    Penile dysfunctions

Reasons of low testosterone:

But there are some other factors like medicines, environmental toxins, trauma, surgery and radiation that results in the deficiency of testosterone in the male body. It could also happen due to malfunctioning of pituitary or hypothalamus gland.http://www.peniking.in/about-peniking.html

Take immediate action:

Having testosterone deficiency is indeed a serious problem as it affects natural functioning of male body.  If not treated properly, then this problem can affect the total functioning of the body; sometimes even for the lifetime. Thousands of herbal pills to increase testosterone levels are available in the market, but not all of them are trustworthy. You should only trust the best herbal medicines to treat your problem early.

You must never self-medicate yourself. Consulting a specialist is the advice which can be given in this case.


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