How to Make Your Man Want You Every Day?

Women must read this article carefully if they are feeling that their spouses aren’t paying more attention to you.

There is no doubt that even the truest of relationships depend solely on the mercy of a sexy bedroom routine. Have you ever thought why we are saying this? We are sure that you must have felt boredom sleeping in your love-life at some point of time in your life.

There must be times when you came home after a tiring day at work and simply wanted to crash in your bed despite wanting to cuddle your spouse.

We understand when lovemaking simply gets delayed because of busy schedule you both have, and we know it hurts. It is simply unfair that your love is cruelly strangled by dullness of work routine.

You do not need to worry anymore. Here are few tips which can make him crazy for you in spite of being tired. Remember, it’s not the number of hours you spend with each other; it’s how you make the most of whatever time you have.


This is the time when you must take a cue or two from Victoria’s Secret models. There is no man who can resist his girl in lacy underclothes. Send him a teaser when he is at work and he will already want you before he crosses the door.


Some wise person said, “Stagnation is death. With love, accept and welcome changes.” A dull routine is bound to kill your love-life. Never let your excitement die! You have to seek adventure to feel the excitement of being in love.  Kiss and touch him at the most unexpected places irrespective of place; make out in the secluded corners of supermarkets and hug him sexily. He will definitely wait to go home and love you.


Nothing is a bigger turn-on than making love in wetness of shower. Go and hug him from behind when he is taking shower, and he will not be able to resist the sexiness of that moment. Kissing, making out and making love in water have its own magic which will make him crazy for you.


Stepping out of comfort zone is the key to success. Do not hesitate from trying new positions, talk to him openly about his likes and dislikes and scamper in minimal clothing to feed his imagination. Be confident in your body and do not be shy to try new bedroom techniques Your confidence could save your love life.

We bet you will be on his mind always if you spice up your routine.


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