Understand 10 Ways To Maximize Pleasure During Sex Before You Regret

You can’t expect a partner to know what you like unless you tell them

There is no denying that sex is a necessary part of our lives nowadays. It is something which needs to be spiced up every now and then because couples are not bound to stay with each other in case something goes wrong. Life is unfair; modern lifestyle leaves a little time for couples to spend together. It is the biggest truth that if a relationship has to survive, sex has to be good. The only problem is that there is so less quality time and no particular position or move would keep your partner satisfied for a long time.

We are sharing some points which will make your sex life worthwhile-

Masturbating in front of a partner is both hot and informative!

1. More experimentation – Love will die a premature death if there is no experimentation in sex  routine. It is common for people to stick to particular sexual routine, positions or moves which they feel always work for them. Many different ways are available to explore and infuse spice at the time of sex.  Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Rushing the learning process might make you look like a desperate one. It could go worse when you force your partner in doing different things. You need to talk to your partner or make him/her understand the importance of experimentation. For example, trying bondage is extremely popular nowadays. It is recommended, once both partners are ready, that light props like towels and ties are used.

If your partner can watch the way you stroke your penis/rub your clitoris or use a sex toy, he or she can touch you in similar ways.

2. Stop Obsessing Over Orgasm – Everyone is obsessed with orgasm to an extent that sex has been reduced to just pumping action and ultimate orgasm. We are not saying that it should not be given importance because doctors and scientists have said that obsession over one thing for too long does exactly the opposite. Sex should be done with free mind and the body will respond naturally. 

It can be hard to talk to a partner about sex, especially if you have never has a conversation about sex before.

3. Natural Oil Massages – Would you not consider it as a lovely feeling when you are touching your partner intimately. The wise thinking is in taking it slow. Maybe you can start with body massage? Massage not only relieves the tension in your muscles, it decreases stress and brings a couple closer. Moreover, who knows that it ignites a steamy sex session between you two? 

“I like it when you touch me this way.”

4. Be Adventurous – Adventure lies in stepping out of comfort zone unless you decide to strangle your love life with own hands. Make out at the most unexpected places like parents’ bedroom, trial rooms or tents. There is no lack of places when it comes to making love. The magic of sex can be recreated by changing places. Men are highly visual creatures and change of places would keep both partners sexually charged. You will be missing a lot of thrill if you choose to stick to a boring routine. 

“It turns me on to hear you moan that way.”

5. Have patience – It is better to not to take risk when it comes to a pleasurable act like sex. A couple who have not yet tried different positions like anal sex should be patient. Couples often get excited at the thought of trying something new but apprehension kicks in sometimes. Also, nothing should be forced. For example, anal sex is made to look like vaginal sex but it is not so in real life. Anus does not have stretchable skin like vagina so it hurts. However, if penetration is done gradually then the act is successful. Sex is no rocket science but too much of fastness kills the mood and can make your partner uncomfortable. 

“I get so hot when you bite my Lips!”

6. Use Lubrication – This is one particular thing which can kill the most romantic love making despite the fact that it is not considered an important one. Just imagine that you are ready to plunge in pleasure hole and then you are not able to enter because of low lubrication. Too much of friction is painful. It definitely is not a memorable thing for couples. If lubrication is taken care of, then it will be a smooth experience. 

“My clitoris is too sensitive for that kind of touch right now”

7. Learn New Moves – A signature move might kill even the strongest of love in the long term. It is often seen that most people restrict themselves to particular positions because remains merely an act for them Also, it is natural to feel safe while using a tried and tested method. Some girls might like when you pull her hair but others might not. New positions and moves must be learnt to keep the fire of love burning. 

“I am really attracted to you and would like to have sex with you”

8. Bedroom Attire – It is time when you should replace your old night clothes and give your body a fresh sense. It is always said that clothes contribute a lot in your personality. Try ditching your regular clothes and feel the difference. Women have a lot of options to choose from- lingerie, bikinis etc. and that too of different designs, brands and materials. Change is the only constant thing and it is necessary. 

“I’m a little nervous, so it’d help me to know that you want to hear it and won’t laugh at me.”

9. Dirty Talk – Come out of your comfort zone and dare to do something different. If you are not comfortable in talking then start sex chat with your other half. You can be more expressive that way. Send the messages while at work and prepare the mood prior to the act. If of you are comfortable in exploring this area then go ahead and be dirty with each other. We are sure you would not go to boring sex routine ever again. 

“Could you touch me like this?”

10. Role Play – Couples should switch to role playing to infuse more fun in their sex lives. Pretend to be strangers and stage an act which leads to a steamy sex session. Take cues from porn acts, play roles of lovers, strangers or lead pair of a movie; anything would work where you would forget your dull routine and indulge in fresh passion.

Life is too short to live a dull routine. Just remember time should be spent qualitatively not quantitatively. There is nothing wrong in making the most out of the time which you get with your partner. Love is always precious and sex is necessary.

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