The Ultimate Tips to be Women’s Favorite

There is more to attracting girls than just looking good. How you act and how you treat them are also important

No, we are not pretending to be know-it-all! We are definitely not fortune tellers who claim to read women’s minds. However, we are assuring you that our tips will help you out in seeking attention of women you want to date. This is not some rocket-science which is extremely hard to understand. We will talk in a straight forward manner because we know how frustrating it can get when guys with no breathtaking looks, resources, personality, or sense of humor. Being rich or having model like looks would take you nowhere if you will not try to read between the lines. Even average looking guys can attract girls when they attention to basic details of female behavior.
Have you tried to figure out why few very average looking geeks get hot and happening girlfriends when you cannot even get a call back from the girl you passed your number to? Perhaps he knows something which you do not!

Talk to her and listen to her. Ask her about her family and where she grew up, her religion and politics, and what she likes to do for fun.

Impressing women is not a rocket-science if simple cues are paid attention to. It sounds old fashioned in such a speedy world where concepts of dating and relationships have changed drastically but some old-fashioned ways are eternal when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Just think about a celebrity or an athlete whose only goal is themselves. They are their own idols. That is why they work hard to excel in something which they are already good at. They trust their guts and go according to that. You have to think just like them; just with a clear mind which is receptive to more logical thoughts. The same technique can be used to talk to girls in a way which would always work.

Body Language:

The best psychological trick to a woman’s heart is the body language. Imagine a very attractive woman who is walking towards you; you will automatically straighten your spine and shoulders. Your posture would depend on how close she is getting. The closer she will get, the more your confidence will increase. This will not go unnoticed and she will at least throw a curious glance at you if not any other hint.

Body language is the best way to decode someone’s confidence. No woman wants to initiate conversation with a person who is not even confident in the first place. If we look at this perspective in evolutionary manner, women feel more secure and protected with a man who is confident of his action. Mind it, we are not talking about those guys who believe in showing off their wealth or bragging about their achievements because it simply screams “I am a jerk”, which is enough to repel women who will not like to be in the circle of such guys. They will simply go away or avoid confrontation with such men.

Be confident of who you are! We will rather say that there is no harm in expressing your natural behavior. Women get attracted to men who think that it is OK to be vulnerable in front of opposite sex. Of course, this thing would be an utter failure if your natural thoughts are misogynistic towards them.

If we guaranteed you wouldn’t get friend-zoned, we’d be lying. But being friends with a girl and showing her what a wonderful person you are is the best way to attract her.

Personify your idol for inspiration:

This is the age of social media where everyone knows about everyone. So, it is not surprising that internet is so full of information about people, especially celebrities, authors, religious and political figures, sportsmen and emerging talents. We would be really shocked if someone is not keeping up with current trends. Such people have all the power to impact your attitude since they are always under scanner by public eye. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example; he is an Austrian-American actor, producer, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, politician and former professional bodybuilder. He also served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. He has come a long way from being a weight trainer at the age of fifteen to a man who is idol of many people.

You do not have to actually personify a famous figure, you are bound to lose terribly because women know when you are faking to be charismatic. If actual Arnold Schwarzenegger walks beside you then you stand no chance of attracting a girl.

Ok, now let us stop joking. It is always beneficial to incorporate good things of famous figures in your behavior- body language, dressing sense, positive attitude, confidence, fitness schedule and good nature. There are many famous people who are aggressively pursuing genuine social work.
You do not have to lose yourself, you simply have to blend some of good habits and behaviors and put social media to good use. It is the inner confidence and good intentions which matter.

Don’t stare at her and then avoid eye contact. Don’t hover around her and then never actually manage to say anything. Don’t stare at….certain parts of her anatomy (however tempting).

Be patient and focus:

Do not rush into things immediately; you might fail miserably. Good things always take time to happen. Do not let past rejections get in your way to date a girl you like.
Make a bubble bath for yourself and introspect on feeling confident. This will also lead you closer to your target.

• Notice her likes and dislikes without being a creep
• Try to help whenever you can
• Give genuine compliments
• Try to stay in positive spirits
• Giver her space. Women do not like clingy or over possessive men.
• Do not show your desperation. Calm down and feel positive that you will succeed in getting the
attention of girl you like.
• Focus on your hygiene and Dress up nicely. It is a well-known fact that women love men who
follow hygiene routines. This is indicative of discipline.
• It is equally important to focus on mental hygiene as well. Flush your stinky attitude and be a

Hope this helps! It takes zero money to be a nice and respectful man with good sense of fashion.


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