Interesting Facts About Flavored Condoms!

Condoms have undoubtedly been a favor to mankind. It has not only helped preventing unwanted pregnancies but also reduced the rate of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Who would have thought that condoms would adapt to modern day’s needs? In fact, latex condoms were further branched into numerous flavors for the purpose of sex to be more enjoyable.

Let us have a closer look at this wonder and enlighten ourselves about the purpose of its flavored versions:

We must agree to the fact that sex would have been a nightmare without condoms. No one wants to be intimate with a procreation idea in their mind. It is easier to wear a condom instead of risk raising a child. The cost of lifestyle has spiked so much that people do not prefer to have sex without condoms anymore, lest it brings a lifelong responsibility. The purpose of creating condoms was to provide hassle-free, safe sex which came with guaranteed enjoyment.

Oral sex and flavored condoms:

Condoms have also evolved into different flavors because human imagination knows no bounds. Of course, condoms were not only made for penetrative sex. Flavored condoms came into existence when the taboo behind oral sex began to drop as the flavors were meant to be pleasurable orally. The taboo was more related to social and religious doctrines as oral have been a part of our civilization since a long time. Despite common abhorrence against oral sex most countries do not ban the practice. Candidly, people practice oral sex as it does not affect the virginity of either partner. It also acts as a natural contraceptive. Many people might not like oral sex as they have been programmed to believe it as an unnatural practice, since childhood.

The intent of flavors:

Flavored condoms are not very good at protecting STIs and preventing pregnancies. There is a purpose of these condoms being flavored that is the taste buds must be pleased. The mention of taste buds is enough for anyone to understand that why they are manufactured. Most fruit-flavored condoms contain sugar which can be harmful to the vaginal tissues if used in long run.  For penetrative sex, sugar-free condoms must be used.

Why Condoms for oral sex?
It might occur to you why condoms are needed for oral sex? After all, oral sex isn’t penetrative which would result in pregnancy of STIs?

Oral sex does act as a barrier to pregnancy but it does not prevent infections. Oral sex is no different than vaginal sex as it is equally responsible for spread of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. However, the rate of transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is significantly lower as compared to vaginal or anal sex.  There are ways in which infections can spread

  • Blood
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Sexual fluids (vaginal fluids and semen)
  • Mother to child

Using a condom for oral sex will drastically reduce your risk of transmitting an STI; especially if oral sex is being performed on the vagina or anus.

Condom companies have gone out of their comfort zone to make sex more enjoyable and happening. Of course, no likes the taste of plain latex in their mouths. They have experimented and created a majority of flavors which are typically paired with colors; white is usually paired with vanilla flavor whereas red is usually having taste of sweet apple.

Note: One thing is for sure, you would not go back to bland and tasteless condoms ever again once you try flavored variants. The coating flavors range from strawberry to chocolate to cola, and are all safe for human consumption. Durex, one of the most famous brands, recently launched a weird flavor called “eggplant”. We are sure many more flavors would be popping up for your pleasure.


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