What Is Early Discharge And How To Cure It?

What is Early Discharge (Premature Ejaculation) ?

Nowadays, the problem of early discharge is plaguing men irrespective of their marital status. Most men are unable to hold their discharge for long and often ejaculate early.The average time of intercourse for most Indian men is reportedly 5 minutes.If a person lasts less than this duration then it could be because of some underlying sexual problem.There are several problems which creep in sexual life without someone noticing it.Sex plays an extremely important part in maintaining a relationship.

Sexual Disorder – A Warning Alarm that Breaks Your Married Life

“Unable to Satisfied Your Sex Partner”
The lack of intimacy often costs couples their relationships. It could explain increasing infidelity, and divorce rates in our country.The sacred institution of love is falling victim to a sexual disorder called “early discharge’ or Premature Ejaculation. It means that a man is unable to maintain his erection for more than a minute at the time of intercourse. It is a curable condition for healthy males. It happens rarely that this condition is not cured by any means.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

There are several reasons for early discharge or premature ejaculation which are mentioned below:

  • The reason could be low testosterone levels in the body.

    Multiple relationships which are not allowing one to focus on the quality of intercourse, likes and dislikes of the partner.

  • Alcohol consumption which is above tolerable limit.

  • Smoking is a definite cause of premature ejaculation.

  • Obesity

  • Increasing age

  • Excessive watching of porn media which causes one to undermine their performance after seeing longer performances.

  • Stress caused by daily life events or in office

  • Excessive masturbation

  • Nervous disorders

  • Hormonal disorder

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Over consumption of prescription medicines

  • Lack of experimentation leading to boredom.

  • Psychological inferiority

  • Lack of sleep

  • Spending too much time on electronics which emit harmful radiation.

Erectile dysfunction or early discharge is a completely curable condition. Physicians recommend several methods to stop this before it starts taking toll on self-esteem and confidence. If this is not treated in time, then it could wreak havoc on people’s personal as well as professional lives. It happens that many people are unable to perform at work because they are too occupied with personal tensions.

Treatments of Premature Ejaculation

Doctors have recommended several natural remedies which help in relieving this condition. Following are the natural methods which are proven to benefit the body and cure sexual disorders:

  • Limiting the usage of prescription pills

  • Limiting alcohol and drugs

  • Smoking must be kept at bay for better recovery from early discharge

  • Allow your body to build immunity by eating healthy homemade food.

  • Eating a lot of vegetables.

  • Regular exercise in moderation.

  • Practice Kegel exercise

  • Allow your partner to stimulate you which will increase the bonding

  • Yoga has been proven to benefit body and increase sexual stamina

  • Meditation helps in De-stressing which relieves one of tension and provides relaxation

  • Watermelon, broccoli, pomegranate, cloves, figs, eggs, lettuce, ginger, spinach, dark chocolate, blueberries, nuts and garlic are few food items which work wonders on sex drive. They also help in controlling premature ejaculation.

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