Which One Is Better? Enhancement Pills or Pumps?

Many products are available in market for much desired penis enlargement. We can see many methods in which a man can achieve his desired size. Perhaps, the popularity of these products depends on the common notion or belief that a man’s masculinity resides in his penis.

This belief sometimes leads men to believe that they are not desirable unless their manhood is of certain acceptable size. The enhancement products are popular because of those who do not feel confident enough about the size of their penis. The pressure of performing in bed as the “dominating” gender also plays a pivotal role in men’s preference in choosing different enlargement products.

So many companies are running their battleground to please the customers. There are pills, creams, oils, exercises, herbs, fruits, vegetables and surgeries which claim to be most beneficial. However, there are so many products that men are bound to get confused about what should they get. Two most popular products are

  1. Penis enlargement pills

  2. Pumps

 Advantages of pills:

  1. Pills are extremely convenient and easy method. They are easier to carry and do not occupy much space. You can always transfer the pills to another bottle in case you feel embarrassed to use them in public. You don’t have to go to a hospital or clinic to get them because they are available at nearest medical store.
  2. Pills don’t use chemical formulas for penis enlargement. They rely on time-tested recipes mentioned in Ayurveda. So, there is no chance that you will suffer from any side-effect. They contain aphrodisiacs in right proportions to benefit the consumer.
  3. They enhance length and sexual performance without any pain. It is easier to blend them with your regular diet.
  4. You don’t have to go through any stitch or exercise in order to achieve your desired results.

There are very less chances of any side-effect with pills. However, the results may vary from person to person.

  1. You might have to consume them for longer periods.
  2. The effect is for short time
  3. Sometimes the effect might not happen at all.
  4. Since they are not FDA approved, there is no guarantee of safety. They are to be taken at one’s own risk.



  1. Penis pumps are effective in enlarging the penis because of increased blood flow.
  2. There is no chemical composition.
  3. No internal side-effects.
  4. No expensive equipment.


  1. Since, it’s a physical divide, it can cause discomfort with overuse.
  2. It has to be worn carefully.
  3. You can’t use it anywhere
  4. You can’t carry it anywhere.
  5. It might cause deformity with overuse.

One should get advice from his doctor before buying any product.


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