All You Need to Know About a Woman’s Mind So That You Can Have Her Body

Oscar Wilde the great literary figure said that a woman begins by resisting a man’s advances and ends by blocking his retreat. Well this can be true of more than half of the woman in India as they rise to a fury when they hear the words pre-marital sex and regard it as sinful. Resisting all kind of physical contact through our lifetime is not in human nature.

Sure there have been many who turned chaste but they only turned so by being hypocritical – As they pretended to be chaste first and then they turned chaste. Attraction is the part of our nature that needs to be handled and managed well as when ignored it will turn on us and make us complex rather than simple. Slowly and steadily when you do not give up and keep making advances women reconnect with their nature and come towards you but then you run the risk of falling out of attraction and when you finally do it takes all your angst to get out of the relationship as the woman doesn’t want to let you. If she wanted to she wouldn’t have spent a lot of time with you.

Some women will never be attracted to you and you need to accept it instead of feeling sore about it and getting wrong ideas. Below are the points that will help you understand what you need to do to keep her happy

1) Don’t limit her by defining her
A big problem these days in relationships is that men while speaking about a woman’s actions make them feel that they are nothing more than the actions which they perform and this causes them to be frustrated about their own selves as the tone in which the words are spoken is jarring. Whenever you unknowingly say such things and believe me you will say them all through your life just say this with your lines that I just said it because that was your current action, Both of us know that you are not only this as you have a lot more elements in your character.

2) Don’t lower her by comparing her with other women
Comparison often causes grief in the heart of the person who feels belittled by it. It can make one feel degraded even when it is the innocent of comparisons and is spoken merely as an observation. Make sure you always make comparison where she stands superior and not inferior. This is a sure way of limiting quarrels.

3) Appreciate her beauty

Women are not made to understood, they are made to be loved, another brilliant quote by Oscar Wilde. You don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing what a woman is about as the only thing you have to know to predict her movements and know her tastes are a few of her habits and some of her interests. You need to show her raging passion when you make love to her combined with a sense of urgency that tells her she can never be enough for you. Apart from these wild moments a few comments of ‘that is good’ and ‘you did well’ remind her that value for her in your eyes has not faded.

4) Make her feel she is special from time to time
A lot of men believe that getting their partner a gift or pampering them with something they wanted but couldn’t buy is the best way to make them feel special. Sure it works at times but what when the excitement of the possession fades? Whenever you are puzzled by these thoughts just engage her in a conversation and tell how astonishingly unheard of her humor is that would flush her with pride and make her believe that in fact she is not a plebian which in your eyes she never should be.

5) Show that both of you are each other’s boss from time to time
In a lot of relationships there is a lot of room for people to be bossy as something or the other usually comes up that needs to be done and more often than not it is the bossy person telling the partner to do it. Sometimes it appeals to you that you are doing it for your partner but at times you do get sick of it as well, Whenever you do don’t complain just tell her that amazing sex has to happen from the partner’s end if they want to keep playing bossy. This will keep power in the balance and not make any partner feel that they are being subjugated under other person’s desires. The desire of your penis is as important as the desire of her vagina. Nothing more and Nothing less.


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