Which One Is Better? Enhancement Pills or Pumps?

Many products are available in market for much desired penis enlargement. We can see many methods in which a man can achieve his desired size. Perhaps, the popularity of these products depends on the common notion or belief that a man’s masculinity resides in his penis.

This belief sometimes leads men to believe that they are not desirable unless their manhood is of certain acceptable size. The enhancement products are popular because of those who do not feel confident enough about the size of their penis. The pressure of performing in bed as the “dominating” gender also plays a pivotal role in men’s preference in choosing different enlargement products.

So many companies are running their battleground to please the customers. There are pills, creams, oils, exercises, herbs, fruits, vegetables and surgeries which claim to be most beneficial. However, there are so many products that men are bound to get confused about what should they get. Two most popular products are

  1. Penis enlargement pills

  2. Pumps

 Advantages of pills:

  1. Pills are extremely convenient and easy method. They are easier to carry and do not occupy much space. You can always transfer the pills to another bottle in case you feel embarrassed to use them in public. You don’t have to go to a hospital or clinic to get them because they are available at nearest medical store.
  2. Pills don’t use chemical formulas for penis enlargement. They rely on time-tested recipes mentioned in Ayurveda. So, there is no chance that you will suffer from any side-effect. They contain aphrodisiacs in right proportions to benefit the consumer.
  3. They enhance length and sexual performance without any pain. It is easier to blend them with your regular diet.
  4. You don’t have to go through any stitch or exercise in order to achieve your desired results.

There are very less chances of any side-effect with pills. However, the results may vary from person to person.

  1. You might have to consume them for longer periods.
  2. The effect is for short time
  3. Sometimes the effect might not happen at all.
  4. Since they are not FDA approved, there is no guarantee of safety. They are to be taken at one’s own risk.



  1. Penis pumps are effective in enlarging the penis because of increased blood flow.
  2. There is no chemical composition.
  3. No internal side-effects.
  4. No expensive equipment.


  1. Since, it’s a physical divide, it can cause discomfort with overuse.
  2. It has to be worn carefully.
  3. You can’t use it anywhere
  4. You can’t carry it anywhere.
  5. It might cause deformity with overuse.

One should get advice from his doctor before buying any product.

Everything You Should Know About Penises

Men are immensely engrossed with their penises since the time they were created. Men browse a larger number of inquiries regarding their penises as compared to other body parts, and the most well-known concern is by all accounts making them greater, or whether they are sufficiently enormous. The apparition of a little penis has since quite a while ago spooky youngster young men and developed men, and criticising the extent of a man’s garbage is a settled approach to paring his inner self down.

Men often burn huge holes in their pockets every year on penis enlargement items. It is undeniably obvious that diminished confidence and mental anguish brought on by penis uneasiness is unquantifiable. Tragically, the larger part of it is totally not well established and pointless, be that as it may.

The evolution of attitude towards Penis Size

Little penises have not generally stimulated disgrace in the individuals who happen to have them. Truth be told, there have been periods all through history when a little penis was a pined for as opposed to being considered a filthy shame. Small penises were seen as rich and refined in Ancient Greece.

Whatever we say, the social tides have changed excessively, and nowadays pills, supplications and pumping machines are altogether put to use in the push to gain valuable inches. It is certainly difficult to pinpoint precisely what brought about the move towards our current “bigger is better” state of mind and speculations that interest to transformative brain research doesn’t appear to represent changing social inclinations after some time.

One thing is definite without a doubt, regardless of whether it’s brought on by hereditary hard-wiring or social conditioning: We have an across the board and profoundly situated observation that vast penises advance more prominent sexual delight in ladies. Male porn stars with Goliath dicks overwhelm the grown-up media outlets, proposing that only they have what it takes to leave ladies really satiated; and a lot of tired punchlines get exchanged on the possibility that inadequately supplied and low-stamina sweethearts leave their lady friends reaching after vibrators in a disappointed way.

From wherever it sprung and paying little mind to its truth, the possibility that enormous dicks level with sexual delight has moved toward becoming gospel. Be that as it may, with regards to comprehending what precisely qualifies as a little penis, well, you may be astonished.

Do You Think Your Penis is small?

Every single man feels the need to have the capacity to satisfy the ladies that they lay down with, and given the industriousness of the message that substantial penises are what ladies need, numerous men stress that they don’t have the goods. “Is my penis small?” is a question that is mercilessly ruminated over and written quickly into web search tools, and tragically, it is practically difficult to answer conclusively, on the grounds that “little” is a relative and subjective thought.

That is not a fantastic answer, however, and there are unmistakably some common parameters: Most individuals would regard a 1-inch penis little, for instance, and 10 inches is all that could possibly be needed in practically everybody’s book. By definition, however, your penis is likeliest to float in the nebulous and easily baffled “normal” range, and many folks need a line in the sand that identifies with their penis particularly; a presentation like, “6 inches is sufficient, and 5 inches is not.” Whether such a thought makes you feel pompous or horrible about yourself, at any rate, you can feel it with some sureness.

Expecting, that it is most probably your love interest you need to please with your penis, there are approaches what the vast majority of us lean toward, in spite of the fact that it is critical to hold up under as a top priority that studies tend to bunch ladies together without coaxing out the subtleties of individual inclination.

For instance, you may consider that 6.5 inches are perfect, and in the event, that you think length is all you ought to be stressed over, this study demonstrates that a substantially larger part of ladies think width is more critical than length. For a more exact assurance of how you measure up, you could swing to online restorative destinations, which assert that subsequent to measuring your limp penis a particular way, it ought to be 5.24 inches to rub in as normal.

Regardless of whether you’ve precisely led the SPL measuring strategy above or cumbersome brought to your erection with a measuring tape, you ought to have some thought how you contrast with other men at this point, and maybe you’re getting a sinking feeling that you’re not as large as you had trusted.

Regardless of the possibility that you have a littler than normal penis, there’s still a considerable measure of minor departure from the lower end of the range: You may be a half inch or so shorter than the mean, or you might be among less than 1% of men with the littlest penises; that is, you have a micro penis.

Regardless of whether you’ve found that your you might feel apprehensive about what ladies will consider you, and whether you’ll be a fool whenever you end up in bed with one.dick is smallish or microscopic,

What goes inside women’s minds?

The issue with the question “what do ladies truly consider as large or small?” is that ladies aren’t a stone monument, and we as a whole think diverse things. Studies obscure us into general gatherings, yet they appear to recommend that size truly isn’t a major ordeal to a large portion of us, with most ladies guaranteeing that dick size is not a noteworthy worry for them and a larger part detailing that they are content with the measure of their accomplice’s penis.

Obviously, ladies could make light of their inclinations to appear to be charitable and reasonable, however, Google seeks information to demonstrate that ladies worries about penis measure ordinarily not as much as men do. Indeed, even in the protection of their own homes, where they have no motivation to lie, ladies are not remotely as particular about size as men stress they may be.

Zooming in on individual ladies uncovers a tremendous assortment of inclinations, and even ladies who recognize

thinking about size don’t generally think longer is better. A lot of ladies consider size more imperative than length, and different components become possibly the most important factor —for example, hardness, appearance and shape. Estimate inclinations are idiosyncratic to the point that there’s very little any desire for picking up accord, albeit certain topics develop, for example, ability and correspondence mattering more than size (“strategy over mass”, as one lady puts it), and furthermore a feeling that huge dicks accompany their own issues as well and can be sore, inconvenient or even excess.

Obviously, it’s actual that a few ladies firmly incline toward enormous dicks. These are the self-purported estimate rulers, and their reality ought not to irritate you: They are qualified for their own particular inclinations while you hunt a lot of other fish in the ocean.

What can be done by you?

Things being what they are, you have a penis that is on the little side: What next? Obviously, you may not be prepared to abandon you could change the cards that nature gave you, and you could simply attempt hazardous and conceivably deforming penis surgery or expensive penis pumps, which are to a great extent incapable tricks. Be that as it may, expecting you have settled on the sensible and self-adoring alternative of working with what you have, there are approaches to guarantee that your little penis would not meddle with your capacity to be incredible in bed.

For a start, it can hold up under at the top of the priority list that a limitless number of ladies cannot orgasm from penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse alone, and that paying little mind to the extent of your meat, numerous ladies will at present long for the assistance of your tongue and fingers. With regards to expanding the joy, you give from PIV intercourse, there might be certain little penis positions that help you as well as her, in spite of the fact that it is essential to recollect that these will differ from lady to lady.

The truth of human sexuality is that it is so pitifully and delightfully one of a kind that there’s nobody estimate fits all approach. The main safeguard approach to be all around great in bed is by having incredible relational abilities, and this remains constant paying little respect to what you’re pressing in your jeans. Yes, regarding your accomplice by searching out and tuning into input about what works for her and what doesn’t go considerably more distant than even the greatest dick can.

As should be obvious, men invest a disturbing measure of energy, cash and mental anguish worrying about the extent of their privates. The fixation on penis size is to a great extent a social and media build that organizations seize on to benefit from men’s frailties, and if there is one thing women can identify with, it’s by and large forcefully told that our bodies are not sufficient.

At last, it’s not worth giving worries about your size keep you a chance to down in life, and nobody, however, spam email advertisers get any advantage from you feeling little. Whatever the size and state of your penis, we ensure that there is a woman out there who will adore it with her entire heart; for the most part on account of that she is so pulled into the individual it’s joined to.

Men, it is time to make the most of what you have and blow her mind!

Ways to Improve Premature Ejaculation and Make Your Sexual Life Much Better

Now a day’s Premature Ejaculation is a problem of near about forty percent of men of entire population while no one because pinned down to as why to no one has feel happy that is caused anxiety or depression or facing mental problems shamefulness and all. NOT only they but their partner also felt too much problems this create to breaking relationship or causing distance towards them. It is much more than a physical issue when you and your partner find in a committed relationship or trying to enjoy casual sex.

Not only it affects your confidence level but also it is affect your partner’s physical and mental health. And willing for having sex of both you and your partner may keep away. Both of you either keeps distance with each other and it also creates disputes between you. While that does not always there is knowing you are not alone and there are a great tips and solution out there to turn this into a thing of part.

What should be the best way to try to stop premature ejaculation.

The best way to stop to fixing any issue regarding premature ejaculation as not possible at first. Sometimes behavioral tips and techniques can really make a worldwide it you are open to them. Premature ejaculation is certainly no exception to this rule and there are a number of behavioral techniques that have been tested success before. These techniques varied from simple to solo ‘to think you can try with your sexual partner.

The easiest and least demanding is least simply demanding, which is also considered a form of meditation while you don’t need any prior training or experience in this, exercise you need to look a general and simple method which can improve your intercourse timing, to enhance intercourse we timing and stop premature ejaculation we need to do proper exercise, balance diet and should always try to be happy.
Maintaining Stress

Due to excess stress it also leads to premature ejaculation. Because of stress our endocrine system releases lots of harmful hormones which leads to many health issue. It also affects our testosterone level. Testosterone which is popularly known as male hormone, it is basically related to male sex inherited character. Hypo or hyper secretion of testosterone both may leads trouble. It leads problems for both male and female. Sexuality or sexual desires directly related to our sex hormones. Whenever there is a thought of having sex it is due to secretion of hormones.

Products Knowledge

Next thing is that choosing a marketing product for enhancing hormonal regulation. First we should know how it is beneficial for us, how does it works and how it can be use. Always keep in mind one thing go through the herbal products always don’t depend too much on those products which contain chemicals because not only it may be give us a quick result but also it damages our health. Its chemical compounds may lead destruction’s and can damage our sex organs.

Now a day’s a number of chemical products are available in the market for enhancing intercourse timing, many  of these is commonly use a product name I udoicame, which is commonly used as a local anesthetic and can have a negative impact on our sensitive skin of penis.

Always trust into your sexual partner and make sure if the techniques you tried don’t work for you and as well as you tried or you like to do. The most effective or protective method is using a thicker condom to decreasing sensitivity. Some condoms are made become a thicker substances called benzocaine, which can have a slightly lumping effect although this can something make it more difficult to enjoy your sexual experiences.

Avoid Alcohol

To stop premature ejaculation, we should avoid bad habits such as smoking, consuming liquor or drugs addiction, these things relatively affect our health and leads to hormonal imbalance which leads poor will power of love making. Most of time we think that consuming alcohol or using a drug can enhance our sex power but it is totally wrong. It doesn’t improve our chances of love making but it directly put negative impact. If u want to improve your intercourse timing you must keep away yourself by these things. Always take healthy diet take proper rest and do exercise on a regular basis it may be helped to improve your intercourse timing.


Exercises that Helps to Make Sex Better

When someone hears the word “exercise”, the first thing which comes to mind is Gym.  It is a dream place for health enthusiasts who are willing to go there every day for the sake of their bodies.

However, it is just a small portion which is dedicated to this routine. Most of them are weary of even stepping into the gym because they do not savoir the pain which comes after stretching the body out of its limits.

It is no doubt that those who hit the gym or do outdoor exercises are more active in regular life.

However, it is also proven to increase the sex drive in both the genders. Those who hit the gym know the benefits.Exercise makes the body flexible and provides agility which does not separate itself from sexual performance. It is known to boost self-esteem and confidence which are crucial for regular lifestyle as well as bedtime performance.

Let’s see how exercise helps in improving your sexual life:

“Exercises to take your bedroom performance to the next level”
  • It makes you feel happyExercising releases endorphin’s which are also known as happy hormones.We must put a thought about the fact that people do feel happy after they have exercised. Exercise helps in releasing these hormones which help us in unwinding, give spikes your mood naturally. Once you are in good mood, love making automatically becomes an enjoyable experience.  Couples who exercise together are known to have better sex than those who do not.
  • Makes one confident

    Exercise makes one comfortable with their body. It infuses positive energy and releases the laziness. Over the course of time, exercise boosts the confidence, and it shows in the people’s personal as well professional lives. When one is confident about their body, they tend to perform well because there is no impediment.
  • Removes body image issues
    People who suffer from issues related to their body image do not consider themselves desirable to their partners.  This explains why women feel that their husbands or boyfriends are losing interest in them. This applies to men in similar way. Men tend to feel insecure about them being able to seek attention of opposite sex. Exercise liberates that insecurity. When people stop giving room to negative thoughts about their bodies, they become more open in bedtime experimentation.
  • Diminishes painEndorphin’s also perform as analgesics or painkillers. It means they lessen the feeling of pain. They also act as sedatives. They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the body and are released in response to neurotransmitters which are activated by exercising.


  • It enhances sexual performance irrespective of ageExercising helps in keeping muscles active, retaining youthful appearance, reducing free radicals which cause ageing.If you exercise, then your body’s sexual age will be younger than your physiological age. Sometimes, all you need to do is to believe in yourself and not let insecurities take over your confidence.
  • Exercising helps in achieving orgasms
    Exercise always increases body’s sensitivity and regulates hormones. People who exercise have confessed that it has helped them in achieving longer and better orgasms.
    “Sixty-year-old who exercise frequently report having the same amount of sex and sexual pleasure as people decades younger. One study examined the sexual frequency and satisfaction ratings of swimmers aged 60 and found that they were the same as those 20 years younger. If you exercise a lot, your ‘sexual age’ will be years younger than your chronological age.”
  • It helps you have orgasms.
    “In fact, studies have shown that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely.”
  • It adds options.
    “Sex itself is an intense physical activity requiring strength and endurance. As you exercise, both your strength and endurance will increase, opening the possibility for more varied sexual positions that require greater physical control.”

What Is Early Discharge And How To Cure It?

What is Early Discharge (Premature Ejaculation) ?

Nowadays, the problem of early discharge is plaguing men irrespective of their marital status. Most men are unable to hold their discharge for long and often ejaculate early.The average time of intercourse for most Indian men is reportedly 5 minutes.If a person lasts less than this duration then it could be because of some underlying sexual problem.There are several problems which creep in sexual life without someone noticing it.Sex plays an extremely important part in maintaining a relationship.

Sexual Disorder – A Warning Alarm that Breaks Your Married Life

“Unable to Satisfied Your Sex Partner”
The lack of intimacy often costs couples their relationships. It could explain increasing infidelity, and divorce rates in our country.The sacred institution of love is falling victim to a sexual disorder called “early discharge’ or Premature Ejaculation. It means that a man is unable to maintain his erection for more than a minute at the time of intercourse. It is a curable condition for healthy males. It happens rarely that this condition is not cured by any means.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

There are several reasons for early discharge or premature ejaculation which are mentioned below:

  • The reason could be low testosterone levels in the body.

    Multiple relationships which are not allowing one to focus on the quality of intercourse, likes and dislikes of the partner.

  • Alcohol consumption which is above tolerable limit.

  • Smoking is a definite cause of premature ejaculation.

  • Obesity

  • Increasing age

  • Excessive watching of porn media which causes one to undermine their performance after seeing longer performances.

  • Stress caused by daily life events or in office

  • Excessive masturbation

  • Nervous disorders

  • Hormonal disorder

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Over consumption of prescription medicines

  • Lack of experimentation leading to boredom.

  • Psychological inferiority

  • Lack of sleep

  • Spending too much time on electronics which emit harmful radiation.

Erectile dysfunction or early discharge is a completely curable condition. Physicians recommend several methods to stop this before it starts taking toll on self-esteem and confidence. If this is not treated in time, then it could wreak havoc on people’s personal as well as professional lives. It happens that many people are unable to perform at work because they are too occupied with personal tensions.

Treatments of Premature Ejaculation

Doctors have recommended several natural remedies which help in relieving this condition. Following are the natural methods which are proven to benefit the body and cure sexual disorders:

  • Limiting the usage of prescription pills

  • Limiting alcohol and drugs

  • Smoking must be kept at bay for better recovery from early discharge

  • Allow your body to build immunity by eating healthy homemade food.

  • Eating a lot of vegetables.

  • Regular exercise in moderation.

  • Practice Kegel exercise

  • Allow your partner to stimulate you which will increase the bonding

  • Yoga has been proven to benefit body and increase sexual stamina

  • Meditation helps in De-stressing which relieves one of tension and provides relaxation

  • Watermelon, broccoli, pomegranate, cloves, figs, eggs, lettuce, ginger, spinach, dark chocolate, blueberries, nuts and garlic are few food items which work wonders on sex drive. They also help in controlling premature ejaculation.
5 Positions to Spice up Your Bedroom

5 Positions to Spice up Your Bedroom

Sex Positions That Give Her More Satisfaction

Sex without some spice is always boring. It might drain your sexual experience over the course of time, if any experimentation is not sought. Many people are struggling with their love lives.
Here we are to provide you with some positions which will not only give you and your partner the room for experimentation; also you will never feel bored again!

1. Woman on Top:

“He’ll love it, because the view is great and you should like it because you’re in charge mode”

Nothing excites a guy more than the moment when role reversal is sought. Traditionally, men are supposed to take charge in bed. This position would allow a woman to take charge and relax a guy. This will give his partner the leverage of being in driver’s seat. This position allows penis to penetrate deeper and provide more sensation which will drive both of them crazy. Also, it allows him to see your body in full view.

2. Missionary:

“Best Sex Position that helps to improve your sex life”

This is a standard favorite because it puts the guy in control, while still being intimate. The guy lies over the woman and holds her hands on the top of her head. His partner can also guide him by pushing his hips if she wants him to go deeper. This position allows maximum skin contact and you can communicate with eyes as much as you want to.

3. Doggy Style:

“The solution to great sex is minor adjustment and major sense of adventure. It’s easier than you think”

This is a rear-entry position which puts him in the driver’s seat. Men just love this position because it allows them to push deeper and control the speed as well. Deeper insertion would make him and his partner crazy. This position is loved by women as well. Also, this is counted as one of the best positions to get pregnant as the insertion is deep allowing sperms to be deposited as near as possible to the ovaries.

4. The Lap Dance:

“Allows your partner for face-to-face intimacy; for long sessions”

Many couples shy away from trying this experiment. You can allow him to sit on a chair and you try to excite him by dancing on his lap. This will put the woman in control. Strip teasing would make his mind boggle with bursting excitement. Tease him as much as you can. This will allow both partners to be extremely close, Eye contact is facilitated and he can also touch your back, hips, and tug your hair. This is one of the most popular positions which are equally enjoyed by men and women.

5. Butterfly:

“Help male to score majorly powerful female orgasms”

In butterfly position woman lies back on the corner of the bed and the man stands or leans closer to her to enter his manhood. It comes out as an extremely sensual position as it allows him to see your body in full display while he is in charge. He will be crazy on seeing you in this position. It allows him to go deeper and watch you moan at the same time. Nothing more than the feeling of dominance would make him feel like a king in the bedroom.

Why Mangoes are Gods for Male Virility?

You would be lying if the thought of sinking your teeth into a fleshy, yellow, sticky and sugary fruit doesn’t arouse you. Just think of the reaction of your taste buds when they are tantalized by juicy flavor of this tropical fruit. Trust us; there are people who eat it in an orgasmic manner; simply because it feels amazing. Perhaps, commercial advertisements have played a huge role in romanticizing mangoes but we think it is worth it.  Mango is considered the king of fruits for no reason.  This brightly colored tropical fruit is packed with amino acids, vitamins C and E, Flavonoids, beta carotene, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Mango is a member of the family Anacardiaceae which is found in tropical countries like India, Malaysia, Java and Vietnam. The wild mango originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, India, and Burma about 4,000 years ago, About 60 percent of these trees still grow in India and Southeast Asia producing more than 1,000 varieties of mangoes which are exported all over the world. The fruit is also grown in Central and South America, Africa, and Arabian Peninsula.

Nutritional Properties:

The king of fruits is jack of all trades and is master of fruit kingdom as well. Approximately 250 grams of ripe mango slices provide you with the following percentages of daily nutritional values:

Calories – 105
Vitamin C – immune booster, antioxidant 76%
Vitamin A – vision booster, antioxidant 25 %
Vitamin B complex – brain and heart boosters 11%
Fiber – digestion booster 9%
Copper – red cell booster 9%
Potassium – boosting high sodium 7%
Magnesium – bone and heart booster 4%
Vitamin E – boosting sex drive 6%

Mangoes for better sex drive:

The King is king of benefits as well. Mangoes have been used for centuries in enhancing male virility. Mango was popularized by an episode of Seinfeld as an aphrodisiac because it was shown to increase sexual power of characters. From a scientific point of view, there is a strong evidence that this fruit is definitely effective in boosting sexual power. These fruits are high in vitamin E, which is sometimes referred to as the “sex vitamin.”

Mangoes are prescribed in South Asian countries to men who are suffering from problems like impotence and other sexual issues.

One myth describes the mango flower as cupid’s arrow, and the fruit nectar as having the qualities of a potent aphrodisiac. In Fact, mangoes are described as love fruit in Indian mythology with reference to “Kamadeva”, who is god of love. He can be called as Indian version of cupids singled into one. His bow is decorated with five flowers which include Ashoka tree flowers, Mallika plant (Jasmine), blue and white lotus flowers and mango tree flowers.

Let’s mention benefits of this amazing fruit:

  • Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E and beta-carotene, both of which are proven as best defense against sperm damage and erectile dysfunction.
  • Vitamin E helps in regulating levels of sex hormones in men as well as women; though it benefits men more.
  • Mangoes are beneficial in increasing sperm count, motility and quality.

  • Another way in which mangoes may help in the bedroom is the presence of vitamins A and C, both powerful antioxidants that have been linked to slowing the effects of aging. Availability of these vitamins in abundance neutralizes the effect of free radicals and can make you look and feel more youthful and vibrant; it can make men and women energetic, confident and sexy. Since ageing effect is slowed down, the boost of energy fuels love-making.
  • Besides vitamins A and C, mangoes contain a wide range of micro nutrients like B-vitamins, potassium, fiber, copper, and magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They contain the antioxidants quercetin and astragalin, which can help in preventing a range of illnesses including sexual disorders.
  • Potassium helps regulate blood flow which is equally beneficial to blood flowing in sex organs at the time of lovemaking.
  • This is one fruit that deserves a place on your plate, and maybe even served at the time of your love-making session. Since, it is a seasonal fruit, make the most of when it is available in summers.

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